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AxxessBio and Dipharma provide solutions for metabolic diseases

October 2020, an exclusive agreement has been signed between AxxessBio and Dipharma  SA for Sapropterin and Miglustat in selected countries in Asia. Sapropterin and Miglustat are medicines for rare metabolic diseases. Sapropterin is indicated for Phenylketonuria and BH4 Deficiency. Miglustat is indicated for Type 1 Gaucher Disease and Niemann-Pick C Disease.


Metabolic diseases consist of disorders that disrupt normal metabolism, are progressive and lead to disabilities or even death when left untreated. They are usually inherited and rare. A rare disease is defined as a disease that affects a small percentage of the population (5 in 10,000 in Europe and less than 200,000 in the US).


Dipharma SA is a young company based in Chiasso, Switzerland. It is pioneering an agile pharmaceutical business model by discovering how to turn the slow and complex process of making drugs for rare metabolic diseases, into a rapid and agile process to deliver high quality drugs at fair price.


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