Our Market access model

By partnering with AxxessBio, we develop a market access program to ensure your innovative therapies are made accessible to patients at the right time

Early access to Patients

We bring your innovative therapies to patients on an expedited basis prior to registration

Scientific Information

AxxessBio’s Medical Department provides scientific information to the clinicians upon request

Close Monitoring

In compliance with your regulatory and quality requirements, we ensure close monitoring of the use of your product(s)


We source for early access funding through government channels, charitable foundations, private insurances, co-payment schemes and principal’s patient support program

Timely Access to Market

We ensure timely access to market through an integrated solution 

Regulatory Services

AxxessBio manages:

  • All regulatory requirements for Named Patient Pathway, clinical trials and product registration including orphan drugs
  • Registration of therapeutic products and medical devices and be the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH), if required by local regulations
  • Renewal and maintenance of product licenses and submission of any life cycle variations to ensure compliance
  • Provision of post approval services: Pharmacovigilance Activities, Risk Management Activities, Product Complaint Handling, Product Recalls and Field Safety Corrective Actions (for Medical Devices)

Medical Services

AxxessBio manages:

  • Medical assessment services for business development projects
  • Medical information after unsolicited queries from Healthcare Providers (HCPs) for non-locally registered products
  • Partnership with Medical Societies for high level scientific communication and participation at national or regional scientific meetings
  • Speaker tour coordination and conducting Continuing Medical Education programs (CMEs)
  • Management of disease/product registries
  • Medical writing support for publications
  • Organization of Ad-board/Expert meetings

Commercial Services

AxxessBio manages:

  • Market assessment for guidance on your business development plans
  • Partnership with you to enhance your company’s and products’ branding to create the necessary in-country roots to sustain your long-term growth and expansion
  • Promotion of your product(s) via AxxessBio’s specialized team of commercial and medical professionals after marketing approval
  • Timely delivery of your products to hospitals and pharmacies as per Good Distribution Practices

Timely Access to Funding

We support patients to obtain funding for treatment

Long Term Funding

We secure long term funding via our professional relationships with the medical and government communities allowing us to speed up reimbursement

Alternative Funding Solutions

In countries with no established reimbursement system, we work on alternative funding solutions such as, private insurance, NGOs support, and patient support groups

Interested in Partnering Up?

At AxxessBio, we are continuously looking for partnerships to bring new innovative therapies for patients all around Asia