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AxxessBio and Green Cross partnership for Hunterase

June 2014, AxxessBio and GC Pharma (formerly Green Cross Corporation) signed an exclusive agreement to supply Hunterase in Malaysia.


Hunterase is an enzyme replacement therapy for Hunter Syndrome also known as Mucopolysaccharidosis II (MPS II). MPS II is a very rare inherited disease affecting mostly males. The individual is born with a missing enzyme that metabolizes large sugar molecules. These unmetabolized substances accumulate in different parts of the body.


Common manifestations of MPS II are distinctive facial features, large head, hernias, large spleen and liver, short stature and skeletal deformities especially joint contractures. The disease is progressive causing severe disabilities.


GC Pharma is a biotechnology pioneer in South Korea with a global reach. R&D activities are focused on vaccines, immunology and rare diseases. It is continuously accumulating expertise in plasma derivatives, vaccines, and recombinant proteins.


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